Why Choose GOEX


GOEX — the brand that cares for kids

What if we told you hundreds of children and families could be impacted by your answer to a simple question: Where will you buy your t-shirts?



care for kids | Your GOEX tee sends $1 — "a buck a tee" — directly to care for kids.


With every t-shirt you purchase, $1 goes directly to care for kids in the U.S. and around the world.
The rest? Just our costs to provide premium USA fabric and living wage jobs that help keep families together. 


GOEX tees = Our costs + $1/tee to kids


GOEX is owned by The Global Orphan Project. $1 per GOEX tee goes to fund projects set in motion by this global community committed to caring for local children in need.




create living wage jobs | Your GOEX tee supports families in the U.S. and Haiti with dignified work.


When you buy our premium tees, you’re supporting the demand for a life-affirming choice within the t-shirt industry.  

All full-time GOEX employees make more than 2x the local minimum wage.

Your GOEX t-shirts employ skilled apparel makers who cut and sew premium USA fabric at our production facility in Haiti. Your purchase also supports employees at our print shop and distribution center in the heart of Kansas City.

Many of GOEX employees are graduates of the GO Transition Academy.

The Global Orphan Project launched this 2-year program in 2015 to give orphans (ages 18-24) valuable life and vocational skills for a successful transition into adulthood.



keep families together | Your GOEX tee helps break the orphan cycle. 


Financial hardship is a leading cause of parental abandonment in developing nations like Haiti. At GOEX and The Global Orphan Project, we believe families are better together. All our makers receive a living wage that empowers them to care for their own children.